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The principle design innovation of the KnowTech® Business Party is the recognition that companies and individuals have multiple roles when conducting business transactions with an organization. The nature of the business transaction determines the relationship of being a Vendor, a Customer, an Employee, a Contact, etc. This approach to the design has been further utilized in the treatment of Names and Addresses for a Business Party. Advantages of the KnowTech® Business Party include 

q       One definition of a Business Party be it an Organization or an individual. Eliminate the need to join or search multiple tables based on the role of the business party. You still have the specific role based “lists” for the single purpose application uses.  

q       A business party can have multiple roles. This virtually eliminates data duplication and inconsistencies between say, an Organization stored once as a Customer and then again as a Vendor. 

q       A Business Party can have name changes over time. Multiple Names are also possible for say, Acronyms, Trade Names, etc. One Name must however, be designated as Primary and Active. Would it not be ideal to find the Business Party with any of the known names instead of the most current? 

q       A Business Party can have multiple usages for an address such as Head Office, Shipping, Receiving, Laboratory, etc. Why not search for the address and find out the usage instead of having to know the combination? You also get in the added benefit of ISO-3166 Country definitions and codes. Do you remember the most recent country name changes?  

q       An Address may be the location for more than one Business Party. In a household, all the family members are at the same address. This again eliminates data duplication and reduces the effort in data entry. 

q       A Business Party can have multiple methods of electronic contact such as telephone, both land and wireless, a fax and e-mail and whatever else that may come along. 

q       Business Parties can have multiple relationships based on business roles and activities. An individual can be an employee, shareholder, director, etc. Companies can be partners, joint ventures with varying share/ownership ratios.  

q       How many times has it occurred that a new attribute needs to be captured for a Business Party? With KnowTech® Business Party, you no longer need to worry about unforeseen data elements; just define the attribute of interest and it is available immediately, with built-in history capability.

 Clients where Design implemented

q       National Capital Commission

q       Health Canada, Natural Health Products Directorate

q       Industry Canada, Corporation Branch

q       Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency


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